One of Euro Consult most important accomplishments is the training of professional staff and technicians to equip them with the most advanced knowledge and cutting-edge technological tools. The firm's staff members are required to keep pace with state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methodologies in their fields. The commitment and quality of staff ensure successful project completion and enables the firm to provide the most reliable service to the Clients.

Euro Consult has also carried out missions  in Saudi Arabia and Turkey  for many challenging and strategical projects. Working in adjacent with the Clients in a step by step manner , has led not only to provide an efficient solution but also to maintain the project integrity with the surroundings in a cost- effective way. Through many years of experience in the different project areas and especially in KSA, Euro Consult staff has achieved a valuable knowledge and expertise in the infrastructure projects particularly in the transportation sector. Providing above Euro Consult committed for:
.Continuous improvement of its professional staff and their services,
.Achieving the ethic & professional standards in a sustainable manner.


Over the last decades, Euro Consult staff has been providing the highest quality service of engineering consultancy to Clients in both public and private development sectors. In Euro Consult, we believe a mission of dynamic interaction with the Clients is a fundamental lead to the firm for its present success. Always aiming to find unique solutions for each and every project's specific needs, we help the Clients to achieve excellence in all stages from concept/feasibility design to construction management stage.

Euro Consult has  led  the way in delivering dynamic, creative and cost-effective solutions. In order to serve clients,  we  utilize  the  latest  technology  besides a talent oriented utilization of manpower. Firm specialists work in an environment where initiative is  encouraged and  excellence is rewarded.  We also believe that an innovative and enquiring approach is the best way to address our clients' challenges.

Ethics and Core Values:

  • • Honesty and Integrity:
    We believe that honesty, trust, fairness and integrity are our top core values that must cover all our relationships.

  • • Quality and Safety:
    We are uncompromising in our quality control terms, and we always keep the safety of people, animals, environment and equipment at the top of our priorities.

  • • Accountability:
    We prove our respect to our clients and our conventions by showing our discipline, diligence and commitment.

  • • Teamwork and collaboration:
    We work together despite our culturally diverse team, and we brainstorm the problems together to come up with the optimum solutions.

  • • Creativity and Innovation:
    We empower individuals for continual self-improvement so we always exceeding expectations.

  • • Flexibility:
    WSince the change is inevitable, we believe that the measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

  • • Sustainability:
    We work by respecting local cultures, engaging local people, and protecting the environment.