Water is vital for life - without it plants, like humans, suffer and eventually die. Irrigation is essential for any property to enhance your landscapes’ appeal. Also Irrigation is the science of providing the right amount of water, at the right time, to plants. A good design will provide a system that will not only ensure healthy plants, it will ensure that water is used efficiently.

Proper irrigation and water management is essential to the continued success of your landscaping and requires more than just the installation of sprinklers. It encompasses site evaluation to determine water and drainage needs, slope, exposure, special plant needs and soil type. Euro consult can assist in customizing an irrigation system that will help reduce plant stress and loss, lower your utility costs, boost chemical and fertilize performance, and improve your turf renovation.

Some of our irigation projects;

Environmental Assessment and Landscape for Aydin- Denizli Motorway, 
Section / Turkey

  • Environmental Assessment and Landscape for Ankara-Pozanti Motorway,